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Sam Gilling

Senior Colourist 

Sam Gilling, originally from the UK, has established himself as one of the most prominent colourists in the field.

Sam has worked with renowned filmmakers such as Martin Werner, Andreas Nilsson, Nico Pérez Veiga, David Findlay and Farhad Ghaderi, making his portfolio adorned with projects that have garnered critical acclaim and recognition.


He has also worked with prestigious brands, such as Magnum, Nike, Tanqueray, Louis Vuitton, and Ebay, making Sam's commercial credits speak to his ability to deliver exceptional results for high-profile campaigns. 

Some recent highlights include ‘Thank You, France’ for Etsy, directed by Andreas Nilsson and shot by Nicolaj Brüel, which aired during Super Bowl LVIII.

Sean Wang's film ‘Nǎi Nai and Wài Pó’ shot by Sam Davis was nominated in the 'Best Short Documentary Film' category at the 96th Academy Awards.


'Of Woods and Seas' by Alaskan Tapes directed by Andrew De Zen and shot by Oli Millar, won Gold and Silver awards at Ciclope for cinematography and colour grading respectively, and 'Undertow' by Son Lux, directed by Alex Cook and shot by Drew Bienemann won the Golden Frog at Camerimage. 

Commercial Highlights

Fiction / Music Highlights




Sophie Reynolds, Colour & Post

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UK Bookings: 

Alex Fitzgerald, EP

Sean Costelloe, MD/EP


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