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Lasse Selvli


Lasse, originally from Norway, started as a DIT back in 2010 and found his love for Colour when DP’s started asking him to work on the dailies so directors got used to the look they wanted during the editing process. He began his path assisting award-winning colourist Julien Alary after he got recommended while working with Daniel Voldheim on a feature film.


Lasse joined BaconX in 2020 and since then, he has brought his keen eye and strong sensibility to international commercial 

campaigns for major clients including Coop, Bosch, Three and Planet Fitness. Aside from his commercial work, Lasse recently collaborated with HBO on their first TV series for the Nordic region “Kamikaze”.


His feature credits include “The Blue Orchid”, which was selected for Austin Film Festival and CPH Pix, as well as award-winning Scandinavian films like “Ikki Illa Meint”, “A Beautiful Curse”, and “Winter Brothers”.

Commercial Highlights

Fiction / Music Highlights




Camilla Strandskov, EP Colour & Post 

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