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Ditte Marie Ludvigsen

Associate Creative Director


Ditte, an Associate Creative Director, has been a key member of the BaconX team for more than 7 years, specializing in design, visual development, and art direction.


Known for her attention to detail, imaginative flair, and precise drawing skills, Ditte has a strong artistic sense and enjoys creating visually compelling images.


Whether working on character designs for cute animals or concept art for dramatic scenes, she understands how to convey the right mood and narrative.

Originally from Copenhagen and a graduate of The Animation Workshop, Ditte has lived and worked in Berlin and London with studios such as Seesucht and Blink Ink.​

Her expertise has led to collaborations with top-tier clients like Volvo, Etsy, Magnum, and Audi, as well as renowned directors such as Martin De Thurah, Andreas Nilsson, Ian Pons Jewell, and Martin Werner.

Ditte is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and consistently delivers outstanding results for high-profile campaigns.

Highlighted projects

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