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Meet our colorists

hannibal lang


Hannibal Lang is the lead colorist at BaconX and one of the most prominent and sought after European colorists.


He recently finished the grade on a few outstanding Danish feature films: SHORTA, which was selected for Critics’ Week at Venice Film Festival, Riders Of Justice, by acclaimed Danish director Anders Thomas Jensen and ‘Wild Men’ ("Vildmænd"), directed by Thomas Daneskov.


Hannibal is also the colourist of the first Danish series for HBO Nordic and is currently working with director

Ole Bornedal on a big period feature film.

His commercial credits include award-winning spots for Nike, Volvo, IKEA, Velux, Adidas, Bianco, AUDI, among others.

Hannibal has collaborated with acclaimed directors like Nicolas Winding Refn, Anders Thomas Jensen, Martin De Thurah, Andreas Nilsson, Emilie Thalund, Justin Kurzel, Adam Hashemi, Martin Werner, and Nina Holmgren to mention a few.

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Recently we welcomed a new face to BaconX. A kind face. A face that could be grading your next film.


The latest film he worked on, The Blue Orchid, has been selected for Austin Film Festival and CPH Pix, and he has worked on award-winning films like Ikki Illa Meint,

She-Pack and Winter Brothers.

Lasse started as a DIT back around 2010, and DP's began asking him to work a bit on the dailies, so the directors got used to the look they wanted during the

editing process. He then began getting hired as an on-set D.I.T./Dailies Colorist, doing shorts, music videos and that sort of projects on the side.

After working with Daniel Voldheim on a feature, he got recommended as the new color assistant for Julien Alary. Since then, he's been hooked.

Lasse has now graded a number of commercials with BaconX but here are some highlights of his

long-form work.

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