...for letting us pitch on this project. We are very exited about this film idea, as Martin Werner also mentioned on your call. All the elements for a mesmerising beautiful car commercial is included in the script and it has a potential that BaconX will be perfect in helping along.

This film is all about the contrast between the tranquility and comfort inside the Citroen cabin and the raging elements outside. From our point of view, we need to make the most mind-blowing range of weather phenomenon outside the car.

We think inspiration should come from tornadoes. We do not think we should dwell on, or even show any classic shots of the tornado itself, what is interesting is the weather and EFFECTS that derives from a tornado. We are basically talking about all possible types of weather compressed into a very little area.

Rain, hail, thunder, lightning, rainbows, sun, magnificent cloud formations and a devastating wind that can cut down trees, whip up huge waves, create dust storms, blow over buildings. And very important, since this is a car commercial, there is also a fabulous array of light phenomenon in mind-blowing colors, that can present the car in the best and most visually intriguing way throughout the film.

We have listened to the call with Martin Werner and the creative team and we have a good understanding for what kind of film the agency is striving for. 
We have noticed the request for featuring something visually eye catching in the way this film is executed. 

The exact solutions for each shots is something we work closely with the Production, DOP and Martin Werner on. We are expecting to do a lot in camera for closer shots but for the wider shots we will rely heavily on CG simulations combined with mattepaints and stock material.


Our main CG team is located in Copenhagen, and we are working with freelancers in various locations in Europe and in the US. It is our plan to do the most of the job at our Copenhagen Studio. We also have a grading suite with the colourist that is working on most of Martin Werners jobs. 

Watch our showreel here. Please use the password: X2018

However, if the agency and client prefer to do color grading and finishing in a studio in Paris, we have already reached out to our friends at Mikros. They are willing to do another collaboration with us on this job. 

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